Hey There Mr Reaper… how have you been? Busy? Yeah… so I’ve heard… lots of accidents happened around the Globe. Did you suddenly lost my adress or something? I know I told you to stay away from me for a long time since the last time you took someone from my family, but I was angry at you because you took away a person that really really meant (and still means) the world to me. So humour me okay? I was angry and I guess I had all the right. But last night I thought a lot about you and I just wanted you to know that I’m not angry anymore.

Okay… now that we made peace with each other, do you think you could schedule your visit to take me away on a permanent vacation from this life anytime soon? I know I told my friends I didn’t want to die before that concert, I’ve waited too long to see that band and all, but I assure you that It’s not so important anymore. Not after yesterday.

You know, it’s funny, my best friend can always tell when I’m upset… It’s like a gift she has, or I can’t hide it very well… or maybe both. She saw through me when we met this morning at the bus stop. It’s kind of annoying.

But let me tell you, the meaning of life and keep on living really goes down the hill all the way to hell when someone you care fore really has no respect for you and sometimes seems that the person don’t really gives a damn…

I know, I know, that’s how life’s supposed to be. But it doesn’t make it hurt any less. Today was supposed to be a happy day for meu because I finally got to finish my damn paper… and still have a little more than a week to do some adjustments. But it’s not…

He made me cry last night, and there’s nothing I hate more than crying in front of other people, it makes me feel weak and stupid. I hate loosing control like that… I was having a serious arguing with him, and at the end of the conversation I couldn’t hold back the tears. Makes me too sad to think that all the things I do, that I have no obligation of doing means nothing. I don’t even get a little respect in exchange for the things I do.

And the worse part is that I can’t stop doing it because, he is already a lost boy with my help to set some sense inside his head. Maybe if I wasn’t here he would be a lot worse… and I don’t want this kind of thing on my back.

I’m really not feeling okay today. I think all the nerves and… I was so tired yesterday, all I wanted was to eat something, a hot shower and some pain killers for my back. And all I got was more pain, tears and two hours to cool dow so I could manage to fall asleep.

So… Mr Reaper… take in good consideration my humble request. I know I’m being a lot selfish here, but I never acted as such my hole life… I guess after everything I’ve been through the last four years of my life I’m entitled to be selfish.

Your friend, me.