Hey… Mr Reaper… How are you? Probablu busy right. Yeah… I’ve been watching the news. Lots of places, full of dead people… working hard… Let me tell you you may think I didn’t notice you passing by my work last month but I did. Thanks for taking one of my co-workers. you just made life much more hard living… thank you very much! It’s already hard to get someone to agree working there, now the ones I get you just take them away. I need to say that you still are aiming in the wrong direction. I was travelling, I was on vacation… but I did notice you know?

I’m touched because you seem to be always thinking of me, reminding me of your existence by taking the people who happens to just be around me and all… but, could you please go to China? They could need a little help there you know? There are 2 billion people there, they could use the extra space. Or Tokio… lots and lots in Tokio Japan… they’re subway is a living hell… you could take some thousands as give them some space too… think earthquakes… think big populations and leave my sorry person alone for a while okay? I’m tired of your dark company.

I guess you probably think it’s not a good idea take ME now, because of my brothers, my responsabilities and all the other things you and the All Mighty may have planned for this insignificant little life I’m living… this is not even a issue anymore true to be told. I’m far from it right now. But stop taking my friends, relatives, favourite actors, actreess and singers please! Looks like a damn curse! I’m feeling like an egyptian mummy already!

Of course my best friend and a lot of other people don’t believe me, some think I’m all right and let me tell you, are giving me a hard time… making life even more complicated than it already is. And others, like my best friend, think that I’m ready to fall apart or break like a cristal glass at anu moment. I fell like in between, I’m not breaking, but I’m not completely well at all… My best friendo just called me (well she called me in the morning and told me to call her but I didn’t want to. I just don’t like to intrude… she has her own life to deal with) and told me to stay away from the windows. Aparenttly she thinks you may push me through it all the way down to the first floor. Yeah… they don’t know me at all… but then again, no one really knows anyone. I don’t know myself, but I can tell that suicide is not a very smart plan.

I’ve been talking to other friend of mine who is a doctor and he really thinks I should look for professional help… a therapist… or… whatever… I’m still not sure about it… I just wish people wold stop asking me how I feel… I don’t feel fine, but I don’t want to talk about it. I was reading something about losing a family member… and the doctor wrote that you can’t face the pain, or avoid it… you gotta live through it… I wish I could understand what the hell it means… If I could, maybe I could do it and I would feel better…

I wouldn’t crys so much every other day. I wouldn’t forget so much what I was about to do nor get distracted all the time. I could focus on my job and on my books. I could be able to do my papers and researchs for school…

I don’t know if The Lord All Mighty gave you a big knowledge about all the humans souls, or if maybe you’re just my stalker and because of it you know a lot about me but the truth is… I’m going a little crazy you know, a little out of my mind. I can’t sleep well… tonight I had nightmares about my mom all night long… and some nights I just can’t sleep… because lately I can’t stop thinking! About my problems and all that I feel like is wrong with my life. And it’s not a good moment for it because the graduation is coming closer, I have this big papper to write and work is a mess… I need to sleep and take it easy because otherwise I’ll go COMPLETELLY crazy!

So My Dear Mr Reaper… find yourself another person to get attached or find a hobbie… reading is good. I do it sometimes when I have free time. I have lots and lots of books just waiting for me to have some free time to devour them… you should do the same.

Take care of your dark self …
See you… sooner than later

Your Friend… Me