Yeah, I really do, because after friday is always saturday and saturfay I get to sleep in. But… tomorrow I don’t get to sleep in because I have work to do. I need to be here (again) at nine o’clock in the morning so we can put the software to work on the computers for the real work on Sunday… it will be a gods be damned tyring weekend. But… it has to be done right, and someone’s gotta do it, and unfortunatelly this time, this someone is me.

I’m writing in english, because this new screen is huge and everybody behind my back can read what I’m writing and… come on… I get shy hahahahaha.

Last night was pretty interesting if I may say so… I got home early ‘cause thursdays I have no class at the college. So I believe I got home around five thirty. I decided that I would take a shower and go to sleep early, there was a paper to do but I was not in the mood. Then, my brother was in the mood for talking and I gave him some attention… I finally was ready for bed one hour later when both my brothers left from college. I turned off all the lights and manage to have an hour or so of sleep, but then some noise woke me up. It was like someone was trying to get into the house. And at that normal time, the three of us are supposed to be in We are living in a dangerous world… so I was not surprised, I never thought that my house was unbreakeble.

Then I got up… wearing my little rabit long t-shirt and my little rabit sleepers (hahahaha) armed myself with the longest umbrella and marched to the dark living room… and… it wasn’t a invader, it was just the bills arrinving hhahahaha. Well, I felt robed just the same. Then I decided to turn my notebook on and check my bills, got me a glass of milk and turned the tv on.

Lucky me because my beçloved cousin decided to go to my house to give me some money for the Laura Pausini tickets. Great… then he left and I watched CSI and Vampire Diaries (is getting better and better each episode), the bad vampire Damon is not so bad after all, he just pisses off his brother because centuries ago both were in love with the same woman.

I have a gay friend who works here with me… he’s cute, I like him a lot but sometimes he is so scandalous hahahahaha, he makes me laugh. Specially when he is happy and jumping and laughing around like today. Is good to have people like that around you. Most of my friends are like little black holes sucking up the happiness from me. I’m usually a happu person, I’m living a dark period but despite of all that happened and all that still is happening I’m a happy person, and a lot of people around me just likes to be around me because I make them feel better, because I’m always joking around and trying to find the light at the end of the tunel you know… But sometimes, this kind of thing just makes me feel used.  I don’t know how to explain it completely… it’s just like that song… everybody love’s a clown, but when the clown is sad there’s no one around to make him happy. And that’s exactly why I feel used, but I can’t do much abou it anyway.

Yesterday had a cold evening and a even colder night but now the sun is shining over the paulistan metropole and… I’m wearing a pullover hahahaha. Every single little time I wear a heavy coat the sun goes out all bright and shiny. I’m always complainging about the weather I know… when it’s cold I complain, when it’s hot I complain, when is dry I complain and… I complain when its wet and rainy hahahaha I’m never happy about the weather.

Rio won the election to run the Olympic Games… well I wasn’t cheering for Rio but… congrats to my fellows cariocas anyway. I hope something good will come from this, maybe create some new jobs, some improvement to the city itself and to the life of the people who live there.

Well, well ladies and gentlemen… e are habing a very boring afternoon here a work. Friday usually is a very dead week day… thank God, yesterday was hectic really… last day of the monh, last day to pay the bills that the mayor send to your house so… we get very vey busy… but, today is calm… very calm indeed. There was some problems in the morning. A crazy and bitter old woman that works here (as far as I can remember) caused some trouble because she gave her damn name to work at the elections on sunday but she find out or remebered that there was a party she was suposed to be at the same day and decided she wasn’t coming on sunday. Bite me bitch I don’t give a damn! I’ll have to be here anyway… its going o be a long weekend… hahahahaha… Well, almost time to go to college, I’m going home early today. I’ll go to school, will deliver the paper and go home as fast as I can. 

Hahahaha I’m laughing my head off… Brazilians are so funy… th put the words Yes We Créu first place on Trending Topics on Twitter… hahahahahaha… very very funny! Yes We Créu is funny!

Well, I’m out of here
See you guys around